Julius Foster, CEO and Lead Engineer with Massive Engineering Services LLC, leads a company that has spent the last six-and-one-half years assisting DC Metro area small and medium sized companies manage their computers, IT systems, and their technology overall. With employees fanned out throughout the area, communication is key to providing consistent and excellent customer service.

Toll-free calling provides high levels of service

Part of the answer to maintaining their high level of service has been a toll-free number from TollFreeNumber.ORG. The service from TollFreeNumber.ORG has allowed Foster’s company to maintain a universal number that has connected a virtual office. While primarily the number is meant for allowing customers outside of the area to contact the company at no cost (Current customers “love it,” says Foster.), the toll-free number has even saved the day. One of Massive Engineering Services’ techs had a cell phone issue, however, one visit to a payphone got the tech connected to the office at no cost via the toll-free numbers. Support for the customer was relayed to the tech, and the tech was able to service the client without the client realizing that there was a momentary communication breakdown. “And that’s the type of service we love [to provide],” says Foster.

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Toll free benefits

In addition, the toll-free number has an interesting benefit. According to Foster, the toll-free number has given the company an “image of being a bigger corporation.” “It’s given us a different appearance.” Many other small businesses with toll-free numbers would agree. Just ask Darlisa Crawford, CEO and Founder of PoshAir, a company that sells high end travel blankets for long haul flights. The company went from startup to being featured in a celebrity goody bag in just over a year. “To have that [toll-free] number just makes us look really polished, and people take us seriously. It’s great to put on a business card, and it’s a great asset,” says Crawford.

toll free

Would Foster recommends toll-free numbers to other consulting companies? “I would strongly recommend that they look at being able to have the ability for folks to contact them easily. Many in the consumer market want to find the flexibility of calling for tech support without being charged long distance.”

Toll Free Numbers can be ordered at: Tollfreenumber.ORG

or for 800 numbers: http://www.800number.org

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